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  • NALGASCLUB.COM is a premiere adult porn site that offers viewers uncensored japanese contents which are constantly updated. When you become member, You will view all of our contents.

How much does all this cost me?

  • A monthly membership costs $44 for 30days, you pay $5 as a new member fee (total $49), and you can cancel anytime you want. All the credit card transactions are safe and secure with CCBILL and protected with Verisign. We also offer 2month(60days) membership is as $90 (Including $5 as a new member fee), which is better There is no hidden fee.
  • More about member sign up

Do I need a special movie player ?

  • Movies can be downloaded. To download a movie, you just have to right click on the movie link and then select "Save target as". You'll be prompted to choose a place where to store the movie on your Hard Drive, and then the download will start. Once it is completely downloaded, you'll simply have to double click on the file and play the movie.

What is Automatic recurring ?

  • Your membership will be renewed with same membership when your membership is expired.

What is the credit card transaction company ?

  • Card procesissing company s CCBILL and can be used with Visa, Master, JCB, Discover.

Are all the credit card transactions safe ?

  • Our card processing CCBill uses system that protect and keep security for costomer's personal information.(128bit)
    You will recieve the payment written "CCBill" on your statement.

I can not open the registration form.

  • If you experienced difficulty viewing sign up form, go to controll panel > internet option > lower down security.
    If you still have a problem, controll panel > internet option > advnce security > security take the check off "check for server certificate revocation(require restart))"

The sign up form caracter is something wrong.

  • You need to click view in browser encodingset as"Unicode(UTF-8)"

When can I use it as member after sign up?

  • You will recieve ID and Password to your E-mail that you registerd, you will be able to use right away.
    Please make sure to provide us correct information.

Do we pay the same for recurring fee even after it may increase ?

  • You will pay recurring fee as the same fee that originally sign up for.

If I lose or forget my ID or Password, what do I do ?

  • If you lost ID and Password、contact us at
    Please provide us your name, zip coad, mail address that you have given to us before to confirm.

What software do I need for movies ?

I can't see the movie.

  • You may not have Mpeg4 codecWindows Mediatool8 if you install it, you have also instolled Mpeg4 codec. However, you have still have a problem, you may uninstall current Windows Media Player, you need to install Windows Media Player 9

Is there any download limitation ?

  • Yes, the maximum download volume is 1.5 GB per day.

Where can I find a form for cancel rebill ?

  • Cancel rebills form is provided botom of member sign up link from "customer support".
    This is a cancel rebill form here

Can I use it after I cancell rebill ?

  • You will able to access site before it expires.